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reater perplexity than ever.Of course, ▓I succeeded in working myself u●p to a high degree of nervous●ness: was as exhausted and as ex▓asperated as though I had spent an hour i●n futile attempts to thread a needle●. But now it began to get light.The ●stillness o


f the night was broken, ▓my solitude was disturbed. Hosts of spa▓rrows began to congregate upon the win▓dow sills, and


their busy twittering▓ filled the air.First one steam-whistle blew● in the distance, then another nearer by, t▓hen anoth


er, and finally a chorus of th▓em: bells began to ring, wagons r●attled over the pavement, the shrill whoo-hoop▓ of the m


ilk-man resounded through▓ the streets.The clatter of footsteps beca●me audible upon the sidewalk. People began to● wa


lk abroad.The sky turned from black● to gray, from gray to blue.Shutt●ers were banged, doors slammed, windows ▓thrown ope

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n: housemaids with br●ooms and buckets appeared upon the s●toops.Dawn had arrived from across the Ocean w▓ith the smell of the sea-breeze still cli●nging to her skirts.The city w●as waking to its feverish multifa▓rious life.—And the result was th●at I forgot mysel

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f—was penet▓rated and exalted by that vague tremulous

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exhil●aration which always accompanies the fi▓rst brea

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th of morning.I expanded my lungs an●d inhaled the fres

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h air and felt a glo●w of warmth and animation shoo●t

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through my limbs. “Ah,” I cried, “a▓ truce to the blue devils! I will g▓o home and take up my regular life again, jus▓t as though this interruption had not occu●rred.” I hurried back to ▓our lodgings.Merivale was alre●ady up and dressed, smoking a cigarett

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e over th▓e newspaper. “Hail!” I exclaimed.“I am▓ glad to see you out of bed so early! 癖 “I ha

n to retur

shed i▓ntel

ve not been abed since you lef●t,” he answered. “Why not What h●ave you been doing” “Thinking ab

ligence, a

right light.

o●ut you—about what can be done to make a man ●of you.” “Oh, you needn’t▓ worry about that.I’m al

” ▓But t

as at it aga

l right now.I sh●a’n’.play the fool again, I promise y●ou.I propose that we sink the last four-a▓nd-twe

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